For Anyone Running a Retail Store, Coffee Shop, Gym, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Beauty Salon, Franchise Chain And Wants A Loyalty Program

Install This Dead-Simple Loyalty Program And Start Driving 30% More Revenue While DOUBLING Your Customers In Just 8 Weeks

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What Is

LoyaltyNation is our own set of tools that help our members attract, convert AND retain customers using a loyalty program and turning their stores from struggling retailers to confident, and profitable monthly recurring revenue powerhouses – so they can scale and expand their operations without breaking a sweat.

LoyaltyNation is unlike any loyalty program out there because we built it from the ground up to create your own loyalty program in 15 minutes, providing you at the same time a look at twenty+ customer data points and signals that the vast majority of other retail operators don’t even know about!

We look at stuff like Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value, and automatically segment customers based on the number of purchases, number of visits, age, gender, type of mobile phone and many more…

When you join you will also have access to a suite of promotional tools so you can distribute your digital cards to anyone with a mobile phone … giving you an unfair advantage in the market for the rest of your life.

Start For Free

Get Any PlanFor A 14-Day Trial.Setup In 15 Minutes.

✅ Choose from 8 different loyalty programs

Design from 111 ready-made templates for any type of business

20+ Data points

✅ Automatic segmentation of customers

Promote via QR codes, SMS, FREE PUSH notifications

No hardware to buy except your own phone or a handheld scanner

Connect with any CRM or POS

Get a 14-Day Trial. No Contracts. No Commissions. Cancel Any Time.

We Securely Process Payments

(256-Bit Security Encryption)

Turn Your Retail Store into a 7-Figure Revenue Generator in 8 Weeks, Using LoyaltyNations' Strategy

Now you can use this underutilised Strategy to effortlessly work Less to attract customers and Sell More of your products - at Scale.

The easy-to-use 4-step software will show you how.

Most retail owners not only struggle to get customers about also lose money most of the time, providing discounts with the hope that customers will come back.

With LoyaltyNation's software you hold in your hands a powerful strategy that helps you to do 3 things:

✔ Attract new visitors to your store

✔ Convert them into customers

✔ Make them come for more.

If you do these three things, you will most likely double your customers in 8 weeks.

If you're struggling... it's because one of these 3 things is not in place.


8 Different Loyalty Programs In One Platform

Discover the tools and features that will help you build, manage, and grow your loyalty program with ease.

stamps -


Keep track of your customer's number of visits by "stamping" their digital loyalty cards

Multipass icon


Enable customers to purchase pre-paid digital stamp cards and get paid upfront in a lumpo sum.

cahsbacks green


Customers earn  points with every purchase and redeem them with their next purchase

prepaid gift card icon

Gift Cards

A prepaid bonus card that enables your business to expand to new customers

coupons -


Designed for getting customers with Facebook and Google Ads

subscriptions -


Create predictable revenue by offering monthly memberships

discounts -


Provide different discounts to different customers gamifying their purchases

certificates -


Reward your most active customers and get more repeated sales

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Increase Customer Engagement and Revenue With Your Own Loyalty Program

Increase Visits

Research by Total Research Corp reveals that 28% of customers are highly likely to increase their visits to businesses offering loyalty programs.

Boost Revenue Potential

According to Frederick Reichheld, author of "The Loyalty Effect," businesses can see revenue increases of up to 75% by retaining just 5% of their customer base.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Loyalty programs can reduce marketing costs by 20-30% through targeted promotions and customer data.

Everything you need to attract & retain your store customers is right here

☑️ Dial-in a customer acquisition strategy focused on revenue-generating repeat purchases
☑️ Choose from 8 different loyalty programs to launch so you're not limiting your business
☑️ Create digital cards from 100 templates already pre-optimized for conversions
☑️ Manage one or more locations from one simple dashboard
☑️ Reward on-site and off-site actions with points and incentives
☑️ Promote your program via PDF, QR codes, links, social, SMS, ads
☑️ Build recurring revenue by adding hundreds of recurring customers per day to your business
☑️ More than 20 data points to analyse your customer behavior and predictive analytics



On social

Via Email

Boost your promotions with Free PUSH, SMS, Email,Social & Offline

Promote your loyalty program in any imaginable way.  Download a free PDF to print and distribute within your store, in cards, posters and physical vouchers. Send your promotion to social media and your email list. Boost it with SMS and Free PUSH which includes geolocation.


Per Transaction

Automatically send PUSH notifications about bonus balances, after each transaction



Automatic PUSH notifications within 330 feet of your business locations. Displayed on loyalty cardholders' lock screen.



Automatic PUSH is sent 28 days after the last purchase with an invitation to make a repeat purchase.



Automatic PUSH is sent 1 hour after each transaction to leave feedback for customer service.

best loyalty program 2024

Redeem customer points using just a mobile or a scanner. No expensive hardware required!

All you need is to install the free scanner application to your mobile, launch the app and simply scan your customer's mobile phone to redeem their points. Points and historical data are transferred automatically to the integrated CRM.

Your loyalty program couldn't be easier to work with! 

Create Your Loyalty Program In 15 Minutes

1. Create

Create a simple or a more complex digital loyalty card that rewards customers with every purchase.

2. Choose Design

Use 1 of 111 premade templates or use a simple online card builder to create your own card design.

3. Brand It

Upload your logo and colors on card. Add promotion rules, your contact info and business locations.

4. Download Promos

LoyaltyNation automatically creates A4 file promo in PDF with your promotion rules, cards QR-code, as well as installation instructions.

5. Promote It Everywhere

Print and place your promo in offline locations and share digital cards on social, emails and even ads.

6. New & Old Customers Visit

All you have to do is prepare for customers to participate and start generating more revenue. Participating businesses experience a 30% increase in revenues in just 8 weeks!

Run it as Stand-Alone Or Integrate it

Connect your POS or CRM with to automate workflow with our API, Webhooks or no code automation tools:

Simple Pricing.
Eight Types Of Loyalty Programs.

Simple monthly pricing, no commissions, no set-up fees. Cancel anytime.






1 Store

Up To 500 Customers

1 Loyalty Program

1 Location

1 User

Email support

AI Support

No Push Notifications
No Referral Program
No Custom Fields
No Push Customization
No Push Automation
No API and Integrations

Most Popular






1 Store

Up To 2000 Customers

3 Loyalty Programs

3 Locations

10 Users

Email/Live Call Support

AI Support

Push Notifications
Referral Program
Custom Fields
No Push Customization
No Push Automation
No API and Integrations






1 Store

Unlimited customers

10 Loyalty Programs

10 Locations

50 Users

Priority Support

AI Support

Push Notifications
Referral Program
Custom Fields
Push Customization
Push Automation
API and Integrations


What people say about

€18,000 in extra revenue in 3 months for our studio. After the integration of LoyaltyNation we got 524 new clients!

Elena Winata

Nail & Spa Studio, Munich
Cashback cards helped us grow revenue by 12% and retain clients, in just 2 months with LoyaltyNation!

Pawel Kadysz

Store Owner, Warsaw
Launched a “5th cup of coffee for free” in just 15 minutes and our revenue jumped by 4,800 within the next 2 months!

Mike Delano

Coffee Shop Owner, London