Loyalty Program Features

100% Brandable

White label the entire application with your logo, colors, brand schemes and background images on your digital cards.

8 Loyalty Programs

Why limit yourself to just digital stamps or points, where you can get a full suite of 8 different programs?

Full CRM

Automatically get customer registration for your customer, including name, email, telephone number - plus buying preferences!

100 Templates

Choose from 100 ready-made templates for every market imaginable. Easy to customise, just add your logo, colors and add any photos you have, and you are done.

FREE Push Notifications

Send unlimited messages to your entire subscriber base or a select segment or to individual customers.


Send SMS with new offers, exclusive discounts or new arrivals - or anything else you can think of to your customers or subscribers

Email Marketing

Have an offer? Created a new loyalty scheme? Wan tto promote an offer with an incentive? Send an email directly via LoyaltyNation.

100 Templates

Choose from 100 ready-made templates for every market imaginable. Easy to customise, just add your logo, colors and add any photos you have, and you are done.

Automate Push Notifications

Automate your push notifications and streamline your operations. Send requests for reviews after customers purchases, next visit reminders, birthdays, and referrals.

Unlimited Locations

Have more than one store, or a franchise network? Add all locations to LoyaltyNation and choose programs, redemption codes, everything.

Up to 50 Managers

Create up to 50 store managers and assign them per location. Give each managers usage rights and control what they see, reporting and sales.

Integrate With Your Stack

Integrate LoyaltyNation with your current tech stack using Zapier, Integrately, Pabbly as well as Square, ManyChat and much much more.

Connect With Webhooks

Have an ecommerce store? Connect your estore, your physical stores and LoyaltyNation and share data, points, cards, CRM, customers across all channels.

Ready Made Promotional Assets

Create your loyalty program in 15 minutes or less, and the system auto-generates for you a QR code, a table tent in .pdf format, and a URL to share with your socials and emails. Easy peasey.

RFM analysis

Segment your customers based on their purchase behavior, all in one user-friendly dashboard. We monitor 20+ data points and can inform you when a customers needs attention, is at risk, loyal, promising and more.

No App To Install

Rather than installing an app, customers download a PWA (Progressive Web App) which is a flexible, adaptable app using only web technologies. It is 10 times faster to download and install on the phone than traditional apps.

Customer Filters

Filter your customers based on 15 filters, including birthdays, phone type, card balance and more. Create segments and market to them.

Scan Cards With Your Phone

No need to have expensive hardware. Simply use your phone, your tablet or a barcode scanner to scan your customer's digital cards and redeem their rewards/points.

Whatsapp Integration

Send your cards via Whatsapp and send all your messages and promotions directly to Whatsapp from LoyaltyNation.

Simple Dashboard

Our simple, intuitive dashboard provides you with an overview of the relevant stats that reflect how your business is doing. To make it meaningful, displayed information is segregated into Visits, Activity, Retention, Feedback Rating, Referral Program, and Customer Profiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have more questions. How can I get in contact?

Easy. Simply email us at hello@loyaltynation.io and we will respond within a business day.


How do I use my loyalty program to reduce my reliance on discounting?

Implementing loyalty programs can be an effective way to lessen the need for frequent discounting by motivating customers to consistently choose your brand. By providing exclusive benefits, such as complimentary shipping or early access to new products, you can encourage customers to remain loyal and continue making purchases with your company.

How much does it cost to run a loyalty program and do you offer discounts?

If you’re planning to set up a loyalty program, it’s important to consider four main costs: the software cost, the design budget (if applicable), the promotion of the program through marketing efforts, and the value of rewards (which indicates how many points are assigned to each euro spent).

Implementing a loyalty program can boost your revenue through three main channels. Firstly, it increases the lifetime value of your customers, as they’re likely to return to your store to redeem their points. Secondly, it encourages customers to increase their average order value by offering points and free rewards. Lastly, you can use reward points to incentivize customers to purchase specific products and clear out excess inventory without reducing prices.

To learn more about our pricing plans, please refer to the information provided above.

What activities should I reward within an ecommerce loyalty program?

To enhance your loyalty program, we recommend rewarding customers for both transactional and non-transactional activities. Transactional activities refer to purchases, while non-transactional activities include broader customer engagement. Here are some examples of behaviors that can earn reward points:

– Points for purchase: Offer points for each product bought and bonus points for specific products or collections.

– Site visits: Reward customers for individual visits or when they return a certain number of times.

– Account creation: Give customers points instantly upon registering, which they can use in their next transaction.

– Referrals: Reward customers for making a referral or when the referred customer joins the program.

– Reviews: Encourage reviews to gather social proof that validates your brand over competitors.

– Social shares and follows: Acknowledge customers by rewarding them for sharing and following your brand, encouraging them to advocate for your brand.

– Newsletter signups: Keep communication open and ensure customers receive your content, special offers, and news.

Do loyalty program members spend more?

Based on our experience, offering points for spending has shown to be effective in increasing customers’ basket size to reach the point threshold. As customers continue to engage with the loyalty program, they accumulate points that can be redeemed for future purchases. This ultimately leads to an increase in their lifetime value and long-term spending with your brand.

The data supports this approach. For instance, one of our customers saw their loyalty program members spend 72% more than non-members. It’s important to note that this is just one example, but it demonstrates the potential impact a loyalty program can have on customer spending.

How do I encourage more participation in my loyalty program?

At LoyaltyNation.io, there exist eight unique types of loyalty programs. A tiered loyalty program is an effective method to increase program participation and provide members with the incentive to continue interacting with your program. Each tier must offer exclusive rewards that are not available at other levels. You may even utilize loyalty program gamification to create “hidden tiers” that will pleasantly surprise and delight your customers when they unlock them.

The criteria for advancing to the next tier may involve hitting a points threshold or completing specific on-site activities. If your customers are aware that there are attainable rewards in your loyalty program, they are more likely to take action and move up through the levels, thus engaging with your loyalty program. with your loyalty program.

When is the right time to launch a loyalty program?

As a business owner, you may notice certain signs that indicate it’s time to launch a loyalty program. These signs include:

  • A decrease in repeat purchases and revenue from existing customers not covering the cost of acquiring new ones.
  • If the majority of your customers haven’t returned to your store to make a second purchase in a specific timeframe, they may be at risk.
  • You may also be struggling to keep your prices in line with your competitors or getting stuck in a race to the bottom.
  • Lastly, if you’re experiencing more browsing than buying from customers, you may be missing out on high-quality traffic.

Launching a loyalty program can help address these issues and attract and retain loyal customers.

Why is a customer loyalty program important?

In today’s competitive marketplace, customer loyalty is more important than ever. With new retail stores popping up every day, it can be difficult for businesses to stand out. Implementing a loyalty program can set you apart from the competition and serve as a cost-effective strategy for retaining customers.

Loyalty programs incentivize customers to return to your store more frequently through points-based systems, ultimately increasing their lifetime value and average order value. By rewarding customers for reviews and referrals, they may even act as advocates on your behalf, expanding your customer base.

Engaging and retaining customers is crucial for a store’s success, as reaching new customers can be both challenging and costly. Loyalty programs can help you identify your most loyal customers, focus your marketing efforts on them, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Most importantly, an integrated loyalty program demonstrates to your customers that they are valued as individuals, not just another number.

How does a customer loyalty program work?

Many merchants use customer loyalty programs as long-term marketing tools. These programs encourage repeat purchases and customer retention by rewarding shoppers who display loyal buying behaviours. Some stores even provide rewards for non-purchasing behaviours, such as sign-ups, social referrals, and follows.

In retail loyalty programs, rewards typically come in the form of discounts, special offers, one-time deals, or freebies. These rewards also help to boost the lifetime value of a customer by increasing their average order value and purchase frequency.

How can I retain customers with LoyaltyNation.io?

This is one of the most important questions.

Once someone buys the offer you send them (read the previous question) then they join your loyalty program.

This means:

  • You get their data like name, email and telephone number
  • You can email them each time you want them to come back. A cafe client emails his database of 3,450 clients each month via LoyaltyNation.io and manages to get a staggering 20% to visit their business in the following 3 days. This results in sales of more than 10,000 Euros per month on average.
  • You can send them an SMS message, right from the app and ask them to buy your special, or announce a new product you just brought
  • You can also send them a free PUSH notification, or schedule it so when any registrant is within a certain proximity from your store, to instantly get the notification

This means, that by regularly promoting your offers, products, new products or services to your list you will be attracting new and retaining old clients, simply by being in front of them.

What can I do with this? How do I attract new clients to my business?

The basis of LoyaltyNation.io is that you attract clients by presenting/promoting incentives, offers, discounts to your clients. For example, lets say you are a cafe, what you can do is create an incentive and say that for every tenth coffee, you get a coffee/sandwich/muffin/cookie/bottle of water for free.

You can advertise these offers via any means necessary in order to bring the customer in – Facebook ads, social media posts, email marketing, posters on your door, postcards, leaflets, influencers, etc.

The customer who is interested comes to your store to get the offer, and you ask them to join your loyalty program.

And that’s it!


Who is this for?

LoyaltyNation.io is a web-based app that helps any type of physical business attract more clients and retain them.

Some ideal uses are from

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Spas
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Clubs
  • Fast food
  • Cinemas
  • Bowling
  • Sports