Unlock the Hidden Potential of Loyalty Programs: Calculate Your Loyalty Program ROI Today!

See how much a loyalty program can boost your revenue and customer retention

Calculator Inputs:

Customer Lifetime (Years): Estimate the average number of years a customer remains loyal to your salon. Ideally, a loyalty program aims to extend this lifetime value.

Average Order Value (USD): Enter the average dollar amount clients spend per visit during their first year at your salon.

Gross Margin (%): This represents the percentage of profit you earn on a service or product after accounting for the cost of goods sold.

Loyalty Program Setup

Product Price: Enter the estimated average price of a reward offered through your loyalty program (e.g., free haircut, discount on a product).

Discount (%): If your program offers percentage-based discounts as rewards, enter the average discount rate.

Expenses: Estimate the additional costs associated with running the loyalty program, such as software fees, reward redemption costs, or marketing expenses.

Customer Acquisition:

Number of New Customers: Estimate the number of new clients you anticipate acquiring through the loyalty program, based on referral incentives or program awareness.

Loyalty Program ROI Calculator